LRP's Special Education School Attorneys Conference | January 25 - 27, 2023 Renaissance Phoenix Downtown Hotel 
Phoenix, Ariz.


At LRP’s Special Education School Attorneys Conference in January, take advantage of Pre-Conference Symposiums where you'll dig deeply into two of the most complex challenges that you and your colleagues face today – crisis management preparedness and the identification of specially designed instruction in regular education environments. These must-attend intensive 3-hour symposiums will give you a solid understanding of all the issues involved and equip you with legal insights and strategies to counsel your clients most effectively.

Pre-Conference Symposiums | January 25

Kick off your learning with a morning and afternoon Symposium on Day 1!

The 2004 IDEA reauthorization emphasized the importance of robust regular education to ensure that IDEA eligible students receive needed IDEA services. Response to Intervention and Early Intervening Services highlighted in 2004 now provide deeper, more individualized services in regular education. As regular ed is doing more, and sometimes even adopting strategies and providing services once limited to special education, what impact does that expansion have on IDEA eligibility? Veteran school attorney Dave Richards will discuss the burning question at the center of the controversy: What is specially designed instruction in an environment where resources and services are made available through regular education, RTI, dyslexia programs, and Section 504? He'll explain how SDI is interpreted by courts and the Department of Education, so you'll be prepared with possible responses to the problem and paths to address child find concerns with school district clients.

The stress of school crises and emergencies is exacerbated by the confluence of complex practical and legal issues that demand immediate response and a facile, solution-oriented approach. Drawn from years of lessons learned the hard way, Karen Haase will prepare school attorneys for their multifaceted role that encompasses crisis management; public relations; interagency cooperation; threat assessment; investigations; proactive and reactive risk mitigation; and litigation strategy. This three-hour symposium will take you chronologically through the stages of emergency preparedness, response, and resolution with a focus on the overlapping obligations of the IDEA, Section 504, and FERPA. Karen will highlight how special education programming and placement processes can be incorporated into effective response decisions, and how schools can legally, effectively, and efficiently communicate critical information.

“The School Attorneys Conference is the best professional development I attend each year. So much substantive and practical knowledge is shared.”

Ronald Stadler
Attorney, Kopka Pinkus Dolin PC,
Waukesha, Wis.

“It is always a worthwhile experience to be with other attorneys from different parts of the country who do the same work.”

Alisia St. Florian
Attorney, Murphy Hesse Toomey & Lehane LLP,
Quincy, Mass.