LRP's Special Education School Attorneys Conference | February 2 - 4 The Westin Sarasota, Fla.

Add to this professional development experience with in-depth Pre-Conference Symposiums

At LRP’s Special Education School Attorneys Conference in February, take advantage of Pre-Conference Symposiums where you'll dig deeply into two of the most complex challenges your school district clients face today – meeting students' health needs and managing difficult parent-school relationships. These intensive 3-hour Symposiums will give you a solid understanding of all the issues involved and equip you with legal insights and strategies to counsel your clients most effectively.

Pre-Conference Symposiums | February 2
Kick off your learning with a morning and afternoon Symposium on Day 1!

Pre-Conference Symposium 1
8:30 - 11:30 a.m.
A Doctor, Lawyer, and School Psychologist Walk Into a Meeting ... Serving Student Health and Medical Needs

Karen Haase, KSB School Law PC LLO, Lincoln, Neb.

Karen Haase
KSB School Law PC LLO, Lincoln, Neb.

Bobby Truhe, KSB School Law PC LLO, Lincoln, Neb.

Bobby Truhe
KSB School Law PC LLO, Lincoln, Neb.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it became readily apparent just how many roles schools play in meeting students' needs. But after the improvisational response to the pandemic, lines blurred and schools and parents alike were left unsure as to what roles and needs a school is obligated to fulfill, especially when it comes to a student's physical and mental health. School districts and their attorneys lack clear direction to field requests for medical evaluations, the provision of medical appliances and equipment, and therapeutic services and placements that were traditionally provided outside the school budget. Attorneys Karen Haase and Bobby Truhe will bring this gray area of the law into the spotlight, providing clarity gleaned from the law, cases, and guidance, as to when a school must evaluate, accommodate, address, and/or provide for a student's medical issues – both mental and physical – pursuant to its obligation to provide FAPE under the IDEA and Section 504. You will learn how to establish and communicate appropriate boundaries for clients around their role in facilitating student development. And you'll leave prepared to respond to requests for services that seem to fall within the unsettled area between "medical services" and "related services."

Pre-Conference Symposium 2
1 - 4 p.m.
Guiding Your Client When a Parent's Conduct Becomes a Key Issue in the Offer of FAPE and Due Process Hearings

Geneva Jones, Geneva Jones & Associates PLLC, Sugar Land, Texas

Geneva Jones
Geneva Jones & Associates PLLC, Sugar Land, Texas

Special education due process hearing officers' consideration of a parent's conduct in determining whether an educational agency provided FAPE is on the rise. Geneva Jones will examine special education decisions in which the hearing officer considered inappropriate, abusive, or illegal conduct by parents as a mitigating factor in determining if FAPE was offered and what, if any, remedies should be awarded. Recognizing that parents are key players in the education process, she'll detail the options school attorneys may consider in obtaining parental participation when the parent has mental health issues, maladaptive behavior, or engages in bullying or harassment. You'll take home compliance tips to help navigate a strained parent-school relationship and a list of the subtle signs that point to potential trouble spots.

Attendees in a session

“The presenters were very practical, informative and knowledgeable, and the Pre-Institute Symposium was well worth attending!”

Pamela Leist
Shareholder, Ennis Britton Co., LPA,
Cincinnati, Ohio

“I’m new to working for a school district and this conference was extremely helpful. The Pre-Conference Symposiums are very much worth coming a day early for!”

Sharon Rye
Associate General Counsel,
Wichita Public Schools, Kan.